Aroma, Shirlington, on the main street there, 4052 28th St S.  and no, I won’t give you the phone number.

This has to be the worst ethnic meal I’ve had in the last five years (and yes because of a movie time I had to eat in Shirlington).  Everything was badly oversalted and virtually inedible.  Although no one else was in the restaurant, at first they insisted that we couldn’t switch tables.  Service was irregular.  It wasn’t even that cheap.

Most bad places I won’t even review, but I thought this worth a note, since if you are stuck in Shirlington you might be tempted as we were: “Indian food, how bad can it be?”  Maybe they just had a bad night, but this was a total fail.

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  1. laffingby says:

    Shirlington has become a real disappointment for good ethnic cuisine. Aroma is bad. The middle eastern place (Alladin’s?) is undistinguished. Extra Virgin is inferior to the tapas place it replaced. Carlyle, which is not ethnic in the least, is the only above average Shirlington restaurant. Strange, since the non-mainstream movies the cinema screens should attract more discriminating diners. Forces one to eat in Clarendon at some place like Delhi Club and then drive to Shirlington for the movie.

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