China Bistro / Mama’s Dumplings – best dumplings

China Bistro / Mama’s Dumplings, 755 Hungerford Drive, Rockville, MD, 301-294-0808 [Washingtonian | DC Examiner | WaPo | City Paper | Don Rockwell]

Order items 38 to 45, the dumplings. Dumplings. These are the best dumplings around, by an order of magnitude (and yes, I do know about Joe’s Noodle House). The other stuff here is only so-so.

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3 Responses to China Bistro / Mama’s Dumplings – best dumplings

  1. Hogart says:

    Just came back from China Bistro. Mama’s dumplings were indeed good. The Mongolian Beef dish left much to be desired. The Mama’s Special chicken was a pleasant surprise, crispy and sweet with spices mixed in.

  2. james says:

    Yes, their dumplings are indeed good but their mofu tofu was the worst I had. Stick with the dumplings and you will be ok.

  3. Evan says:

    Been to Mama’s Dumplings twice.
    Agreed, the dumplings were unique to the region and extremely tasty.
    My favorites, to date, were the shripm & chive, and the pork & dill (then again, I simply happen to like dill and am very happy to find a delicious application of this herb in Chinese food, where it usally doesn’t show up).
    We also got a Shanghai Noodle soup that was extremely light and tasty…lots of veggies, and it had really good broth, good noodles.
    Finally, we liked the scallion pancake, otherwise known in Mandarin as Cong You Bing (Tsong Yoh Bing). We ordered that as an appetizer on our first visit after walking for an hour or so at Great Falls Park on the Maryland side. We were hungry after our walk and Mama’s Dumplings truly hit the spot.
    I won’t order the bubble tea anymore, though. Too darned sweet for me.

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