El Tutumaso

El Tutumaso, 3018 Annandale Road, Falls Church, VA, 703-531-1081
A very authentic Bolivian restaurant with a more extensive menu than most. Excellent soups and consistent all around, although I never like the dishes that use hot dog slices. One of the two or three best Bolivian places for people watching and definitely worth a visit.
Bolivian cuisine” on wikipedia

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2 Responses to El Tutumaso

  1. Carlos Rodriguez says:

    I found hair on my food.
    I conplained and found out the cooks don’t use any type of good hygine !!!

  2. dube says:

    The food was just horrible. Everything was cold and it looked as if they just took food from the freezer,warmed it up and served to us. It was disgusting!

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