Las Gemelas

Las Gemelas, web site, 1280 4th St. NE, Washington, DC (located within “La Cosecha” in the heart of the Union Market District) 202-866-0550 (Metro Trip Planner – opens in new window) [Google | Washingtonian | City Paper | WaPo | Ylp]

There are two places here, a restaurant (Cocina Mexicana) and on the other side of the (small) mall is a tacqueria.

The tacqueria is the best Mexican food this region ever has seen. Real blue corn tortillas, everything else authentic, could be mistaken for excellent real Mexican food in Mexico. The morning green chile chorizo tacos are the must-get – one of the best dishes in town – but everything is very good. You could just keep on eating here without end and forget the other places on this list!

The restaurant has a small number of truly excellent dishes, and a bunch of “quite good” dishes, noting the menu is pretty small. The first time I went the lamb Borrego soup was the knockout, the second time it was off the menu but the pork cheeks enchilada with mole was an A+, again one of the best dishes in town. I quite liked the toast with honey, though it hardly seemed Mexican (not a complaint, just a warning). If you go to the restaurant, make sure you figure out what you really should be getting. Better yet, sample from both the restaurant and the tacqueria. In addition, the visuals and décor are very nice in both, excellent places to sit and take in the crowd and surroundings.

Overall, this is a major advance for this region’s Mexican dining, and quite simply a significant contender overall. And the prices are entirely reasonable.

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    This has nothing to do with Las Gemelas but both Myanmar in Falls Church and 88 China in Chantilly have permanently closed.’

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