Little Quiapo

Little Quiapo, 4807 North 1st Street, Arlington, VA, 703-528-3194 (Metro Trip Planner – opens in new window) [City Paper | Yelp | Gayot]
Hard to find – there are eight 1 Sts. in Arlington, and this doesn’t seem to be on any of them. I once spent an hour looking for this place and finally had to give up. Several months later I found it on my own. It is located in the Arlington Forest Shopping Center, where there is an Outback Steakhouse also. Coming from the intersection of 7 and 50, go east on 50, turning left at Park, which is maybe your sixth (?) light (Park is between Carlin Springs Road and George Mason Drive). You’ll see the mall then.
Filipino food is best enjoyed when served in homes and at weddings. Most Filipino restaurants I have been to (usually in Los Angeles) have been disappointing. Oxtail in peanut sauce can be too fatty and only brings you so far. The lumpia (a bit like spring rolls) are often good, but they’re not that special either, at least not in America. Milkfish is no treat in my book.
In spite of all that, this place is pretty good. I like the Adobo very much, and the small lumpia. But beware when you order – even dedicated fans of ethnic food will not like much of what is on the menu. Strong fish sauce – not the sweetened Vietnamese version – abounds. High marks for atmosphere, by the way. And one of the cheapest places on this list, which is saying something.

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  1. Aling Pacing

    Aling Pacing, 2311 Price Avenue, Wheaton, MD, 301-933-7070, not always open for lunch on weekdays (Metro Trip Planner – opens in new window) Is this place closed? See the remarks above on Filipino food under Little Quiapo. This one looks…

  2. Xaoc says:

    Little Quiapo is permanently closed.

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