Mandarin Inn

Mandarin Inn, 3045 Mount Vernon Avenue, Alexandria, VA (across the street from Bombay Curry Company), 703-548-4052, 703-836-2300, usually open. (Metro Trip Planner – opens in new window) [Chowhound | City Paper | openlist | Yelp | Gayot]
Mostly a Chinese place, but they have some Malay specialties as well. Across the street from Bombay Curry Club. Much more of a Mom and Pop than Straits of Malaya. I went once, with mixed results. I had a very good appetizer of chicken wrapped in bean curd, dipped into a sweet sauce. The Beef Rendang had a good sauce, but the beef itself was dry and tasteless. I am intrigued enough to go back, but the final verdict is not yet in.

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  1. Dena Fox says:

    re:Mandarin Inn, 3045 Mount Vernon Avenue, Alexandria, VA
    is closed (unless they moved) – the building is now vacant.
    Re: Bombay Curry Company-
    I’ve read many positive reviews. My first visit featured roaches crawling on the wall (next to where I sat) and I won’t go back.

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