Vy Bistro

Vy Bistro, 6757 Wilson Blvd., Suite 10 and 11, Falls Church, VA, Eden Center, 703-589-3576 (Metro Trip Planner – opens in new window) [Yelp]

Eden Center
Creative Commons License photo credit: dewitahs

Lots of vermicelli dishes, and they’re pretty good. The star here is #40, shredded chicken, rice (cooked in chicken stock from the dish itself), and a sharp ginger and chili sauce. That’s one of the best dishes in Eden Center right now. The rest is good enough to enjoy, nice décor too.

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2 Responses to Vy Bistro

  1. Lori K says:

    Doesn’t receive the traffic it deserves. Noodle dishes and soups are both excellent. Though they need to work out the portion to bowl ratio on the noodle dishes. Sign of excellence = properly cooked meats. Have one of the cold salads (lotus root is delicious) and you notice the perfect texture of the shrimp and pork. Far more care taken than at Viet Bistro and elsewhere. The proprietor/chef is quite chatty and attentive about the your experience and the food. A very sweet man indeed.

  2. charleybicycle says:

    While at Eden Center tonight I noticed that Vy Bistro has been replaced with Les Baguettes. I told the woman behind the counter that on my last visit the place had been Vy Bistro restaurant. She said the owner had retired and that was why it was no longer a restaurant. I went ahead and placed an order for 30 shrimp+pork garden rolls for a holiday party for the very reasonable price of $25.

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