America Eats!, by Jose Andres

America Eats!, by Jose Andres, web site, 405 8th Street NW, Washington, DC, 202-393-0812, where CafĂ© Atlantico used to be, note the place will be closing sometime within a year as it was intended as a temporary experiment. (Metro Trip Planner – opens in new window) [WaPo | Washingtonian | City Paper | Don Rockwell | Yelp]

DC location CLOSEDnow in Tyson’s

Imagine a restaurant that goes back and resurrects some forms of American food which we have spent the last fifty years getting away from. They even will serve you a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, with or without foie gras. I had some superb appetizers here, the fried chicken, the vermicelli (actually a form of macaroni and cheese, which I usually hate), the etouffe, and the crabcakes. That should be your meal. I sampled parts of five main dishes. As a combination they worked fine, but I would not have wanted any one of them as a stand-alone main course, too much sameness of taste on each plate. The desserts are as bizarre as you might expect. If you order perfectly, this can be fantastic otherwise it is at least interesting and worth a try.

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