DCity SmokeHouse

DCity SmokeHouse, web site, 8 Florida Avenue NW, Washington, DC, 202-733-1919, they open at noon (Metro Trip Planner – opens in new window) [Google | WaPo | Washingtonian | HungryLobbyist | City Paper | Ylp | Don Rockwell]

This is by far the best barbecue in town, not just “good for the DC area” but truly good, holds up to the best of many of the classic barbecue locations. Get the brisket and the ribs, basically. Those are really, really good, what else can I say? The fries are good too. I have not tried their smoked turkeys, but others adore them.

They don’t have too many seats, they do lots of take out, and you can order in advance online. This place is awesome, go. This is in a transitional neighborhood. During the daytime it is “safe enough,” but I do not know how safe it is at night.

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