Alborz, web site, 8417 Old Courthouse Road, Vienna, VA, 703-288-4500 (Metro Trip Planner – opens in new window) [TripAdvisor | zabihah | Ylp]

Right now this is the best Persian place around. It’s in some ways a carbon copy of Shamshiry, just that right now it is a little sharper and more consistent. I like best their barg [beef kabob] with cherry rice, but it is a consistent restaurant and one can visit often and experience repeated delights. The salmon with zereshk polo, barberries, I recommend too. But unlike Shamshiry, they have excellent stews, not just the kabobs with special rices. And like Shamshiry, it is good for Persian people-watching.

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2 Responses to Alborz

  1. Pete says:


    Check out new Persian caterer/takeout Marjan Bistro in Vienna, VA.
    (Across Maple Ave./Rt. 123 from Panera where Magruders’ used to be.)

    DELICIOUS food, and a wider variety of dishes than most other Persian places.
    They make a KILLER-DELICIOUS Adas Polo (lentis, raisins, dates) with Chicken on Saturdays. There are regular, different daily specials each day of the rest of the week. They have appetizers like Mirza Ghasemi, Kookoo Sabzi, and Kotlet that other places don’t, and they can make many of the more “typical” polo dishes (zereshk, baghaali, shirin, albaloo polo dishes) most days of the week. The husband makes some of the most delicious baghlava (baklava) I’ve ever had ANYWHERE.

    Tyler this is a MUST TRY. They can be hard to spot and have only been open for a few weeks but for Persian chow, this has quickly become my go-to. I hope they survive…their food is delicious.

  2. Marty Lederman says:

    Better than Amoo’s?

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