Joon, web site, 8045 Leesburg Pike, Tysons, VA (in that strip mall right next to the Tiffany’s), 571-378-1390 (Metro Trip Planner – opens in new window) [Google | Washingtonian | Washington Post | Arlington Mag]

One of the very best places around, for any cuisine. The kabobs are OK, but the real stars are some of the side dishes. Get the cucumber salad, especially if the pomegranate seeds garnish is in season. They serve best Mast-o-Moseer I ever have had, use it on the bread and on the meats. A friend of mine called the Cherry Rice “the best rice I’ve had, ever.” That order is a must. Very good fesenjan, and also pistachio soup. I haven’t yet had the $150 duck dish for six, but probably it is very good? The best desserts I’ve had in any Persian restaurant. Not outrageously priced, but not Mom n’ Pop prices either. It gets loud on Saturday nights, but other times a very good place to sit and talk. Definitely recommended.

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