Nanjing Bistro

Nanjing Bistro, 11213 Lee Highway, Suite C, Fairfax, VA, 703-385-8686 (Metro Trip Planner – opens in new window) [Ylp]

Imagine a whole restaurant devoted to Chinese food as it is found in Nanjing! This place is the real deal. You do need to ask for the Chinese menu. Then simply order any dish that appears to have anything to do with Nanjing, such as the shredded tofu dish toward the end of the menu. I also quite like the simple egg with pepper, and their equivalent of spicy dumplings with soup. The pepper-fired spare ribs and the shredded potato. There is some kind of salt duck special which you (often) need to order in advance, I haven’t tried it yet.

Unless you are from Nanjing or thereabouts, this place almost certainly has lots of dishes you haven’t seen before. Mostly not so spicy, by the way. I’m just getting to learn this place, but figured I should get word out right away. Excellent for atmosphere, without being a dump, do note it seems to get pretty busy so go early or reserve in advance. It is one of the current must-visits in the DC area.

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