The Partisan

The Partisan, web site, 709 D Street NW, Washington, DC, 202-524-5322 (Metro Trip Planner – opens in new window) [Zagat | WaPo | Washingtonian | City Paper | Ylp | Don Rockwell]

You could argue for putting this one under “French,” but ultimately it feels more American to me. It’s all about charcuterie, and that is what you should order, including sausages, pates, and also cold cuts and other slices of meats. At first I was writing down which of the items I liked best, but then I gave up – they are all excellent. Just get lots of stuff here, laid out on a board.

Right now it is one of my favorite half dozen places in town, and it is also the kind of food I don’t think the kitchen can spoil any time soon. The décor has a cool feel, as does the bar. It is also attached to a branch of The Red Apron, which I will be reviewing soon but also quite like, at a cheaper price point.

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