Atilla’s Restaurant

Atilla’s Restaurant, web site, 2705 Columbia Pike, Arlington, VA, 703-920-6524 (Metro Trip Planner – opens in new window) [City Paper | openlist | Yelp]
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Turkish food, tied to an ethnic grocery, doner kebab on Fridays and Saturdays.

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2 Responses to Atilla’s Restaurant

  1. Nelerene Barnes says:

    My family and I LOVE this place. we haven’t been to the restaurant yet, we always go
    to the carryout and order sandwiches & FF. The homemade pita bread makes ANY of
    the sandwiches delicious. Our favorites are… CHICKEN gyro, gyro, steak and cheese,
    the mediterranean,tilapia & fried fish.
    BTW this is a wonderful website and I am so glad I happened upon it today. I will be
    using this regulary. THANKS!

  2. seren caner says:

    I like atillas meze platter and kebabs , falafel and vegie sandwiches. Most importand is very clean place.they have delicious sandwiches served in homemade pita bread

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