Domku, 821 Upshur Street NW, Washington, DC, 202-722-7475, closed Mondays (Metro Trip Planner – opens in new window) [Washingtonian | Wash Times | Hill Rag | WaPo | City Paper | Don Rockwell]
Mustard, pickled fish, meatballs, sandwiches, etc. I have yet to go, Thomas Head liked it.


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2 Responses to Domku

  1. I had dinner there last night. It’s the second time I’ve been to Domku and it was even better than before. As someone of Scandanavian heritage, I’m disappointed that DC doesn’t have more places where you can enjoy a good smorgasbord. Domku and the Swedish embassy (and maybe Ikea??!) are about your only choices. Over the past 20 years, 3-4 Scand. restaurants have come and gone. I sure hope Domku stays. The food there is like Swedish tapas. We particularly enjoyed the carrot-ginger soup, the mussels in aquavit broth, the Georgian “eggplant caviar”, and–best of all–the beet cake (imagine carrot cake but purple and without the frosting). There are also exceptional Belgian, Scando, Baltic, and Russian beers–and smart, friendly staff.

  2. Ryan Kutty says:

    my girlfriend and I tried Domku recently. Unpretentious, good food, good prices. We got the stuffed cabbage rolls and pickled herring for appetizers followed by Hungarian Chicken Goulash and Hunter’s Stew (with Kielbasa, pork, cabbage and sauerkraut). Great selection of Aquavits also.

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