Huascaran Restaurant

Huascaran Restaurant, web site (flash and music), 3606 Mount Vernon Avenue, Alexandria, VA, 703-684-0494, right across from the Birchmere (Metro Trip Planner – opens in new window) [Yelp | Metromix]
This is a broadly average Peruvian restaurant with lots of local color and atmosphere. Its distinguishing feature is that they serve cuy – guinea pig – on a regular basis. Technically it is listed as a special, so call ahead, but usually they seem to have it. The sauce is delicious, especially on the potatoes. The key to eating the cuy is to chew on the fatty skin and the sauce and not obsess over getting all the meat. You can’t, not even if you use your fingers and teeth, as you ought to. Overall this restaurant is not perfect but it has high points and I definitely recommend it as a unique experience.


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