Jerusalem Restaurant and Catering

Jerusalem Restaurant and Catering, web site, 3405 Payne Street, Falls Church, VA, Mount of Olives Center, Bailey’s Crossroads, 703-379-4200 (Metro Trip Planner – opens in new window) [Falls Church News-Press | City Paper]
Good Middle Eastern food, get item #6 if you want something especially Palestinian, the red onions are delicious. Update: On the new menu I don’t think this is called item #6 any more, in any case it is the chicken with red onions on the flatbreadm really a superb dish.

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2 Responses to Jerusalem Restaurant and Catering

  1. mousa says:

    i went to jerusalem restaurant i felt like i was in the middel east the food there was great i liked the muqloba[upsidedownwithchicken]and i liked the mango juce and the fabulas baqlava now i am gana take my family there to eat know they all well love it.=)

  2. Geoff says:

    Went to this restaurant last night a week after I came back from my trip to the Holy Land. This restaurant has the same charm and ambiance as the many restaurants in the Old City. Wait staff is friendly. My server lived not too far from the places I visited. The food is Palestinian influenced, but is a good representation of Levantine cuisine as well. The desserts tasted just like the stuff I had in Jordan. I believe what Tyler is referring to as #6 is the Shawarma Demaskia – shaved chicken wrapped in Shrak (flat mountain bread). I had the Bamieh (Okra stew with stewed lamb served with rice) where the lamb was very succulent.

    Hot tip: they make Mansaf (special Jordanian dish) for catering only. Will order that next time.

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