Meda Market

Meda Market, web site, 512B S. Van Dorn St., Alexandria, VA, 703-212-6740 (Metro Trip Planner – opens in new window) [Google | Ylp]

A mom and pop Ethiopian, full of Ethiopians watching TV around a bar, with an attached spice shop as well. A small menu, mostly various forms of kitfo and tibs, but with an excellent vegetarian sampler as well. There are so many very good Ethiopian places around these days, it is disorienting to try to rank them all. Still, if you ask is this one in the top tier, the answer is yes, yes, and yes…recommended, definitely. You will note that the outside sign is in Amharic only, but if you are looking for this place you will find it, just don’t expect the four letters “Meda” on the outside.

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One Response to Meda Market

  1. Mitch Baxter says:

    I just had carryout from Meda a few hours ago; veggie combo and beef tibs. The food is fresh, well-prepared, and flavorful (especially the tibs and the shiro), and it’s a great option for takeout or a quick sit-down meal if you’re in the area. The people who work there are friendly and helpful as well.

    Meaza (Baileys) and Enat (Beauregard) are my go-to places for a nice meal and full menu with more ambiance, but Meda is absolutely worthy of being added to the rotation.

    I recommend it, and will return.

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