Myanmar Restaurant

Myanmar Restaurant, 7810-C Lee Highway, Falls Church, VA, 703-289-0013 (Metro Trip Planner – opens in new window) [Falls Church News-Press | Washingtonian | WaPo | City Paper | food-plan | openlist | Yelp | Gayot]

UPDATE 2022: Closed

Excellent if you order well. The place is hard to spot from the road, in Merrifield Park Plaza, I think, just west of the big cemeteries on Lee Highway, a bit east of Gallows. Get the Ginger Salad, and more generally don’t be afraid to go spicy. .

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3 Responses to Myanmar Restaurant

  1. Gin says:

    The good was great, but the service was regrettable. We nearly had to plead for the waitress to take our order, to bring drinks (like water, not anything fancy). Stuff was delivered to the table fresh from the kitchen, but there was no follow-up. With this kind of spicy food, you get a bit desperate for water. I would go again, but, also, I will be upfront about our service needs from the get-go.
    The food makes it worthwhile to risk the service. Awesome and affordable.

  2. Hyun says:

    ‘Myanmar’ is by far the best Burmese restaurant in the metro area. While the meat and fish dishes are great, the vegetarian fare is over the top delicious. Order the pumpkin curry, pickled green tea salad, and tomato cucumber salad. Delicate flavors abound! (And the service isn’t great but it’s nothing personal, so get over it and go). Much better than ‘A Taste of Burma’ in Sterling, which is way too salty and pricier than ‘Myanmar’.

  3. db says:

    I just went last night and this place is still fantastic. We had the spicy chicken curry, the pickled mango beef, and the sour mustard tofu dish in the vegetarian section. The beef was a delicate balance of sweet, sour, and spicy. I generally don’t like sweet notes in my curry because it is so often done wrong, but this was amazing. The sour mustard was even better and had great textures as well. The chicken curry, however, was merely ok. The chicken itself was cooked well for being boneless chunks of white meet but overall, compared to the other dishes, a one note disappointment. I would not hesitate to recommend this place. It is plenty spicy so be ready. The desserts are pretty good and can help with this. Also, the entrees are cheap and relatively small so don’t be afraid to order 1.5-2 per person. We ordered like kings and the bill only came to $31.

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