Panjshir, 924 West Broad Street, Falls Church, VA, 703-536-4566, closed Sunday lunch (Metro Trip Planner – opens in new window) [Washingtonian | City Paper | food-plan | openlist | Gayot]
Panjshir II, 224 Maple Avenue West, Vienna, VA, 703-281-4183, closed Sunday lunch (Metro Trip Planner – opens in new window) [Washingtonian | WaPo | City Paper | food-plan | openlist | Citysearch | Gayot]
The premier gourmet Afghan place. The two branches are indistinguishable, as the food is cooked in the same kitchen. The kebabs are good but boring, get the stews, but especially the side dishes. The Kadu, the pumpkin, is a must. One side order serving is usually not enough for two people, so get two. This place offers many wonders. I love the apple, prunes, and walnut combinations.
Saturday lunch is an excellent deal. For dinner for two, order all of the side dishes, plus the Mantu. The service is a bit slow, I think they do it on purpose, though for no good reason.

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  1. Kabul Kabob House

    Kabul Kabob House, 514A South Van Dorn Street, West Alexandria, VA, 703-751-1833 (Metro Trip Planner – opens in new window) [zabihah | openlist | Citysearch] Excellent Afghan food. The kabobs are very good but I like the stews and mixed…

  2. I can’t believe how great the food was! I’ve lived down the street most of my life, and never ventured out. We had Mushroom Palow and the apple/onion chalow and Kudu wow… unexpected combination of ingredients, for a wonderful, unexpected taste. What a great place to go – and, surprisingly despite its proximity to the jazz dive, quiet and peaceful… a great place to have a good dinner conversation.

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