Ravi Kabob House

Ravi Kabob House, 305 N. Glebe Road, Arlington, VA, 703-522-6666, a few blocks north of Rt. 50 at Pershing in Buckingham Center, a small row of shops (Metro Trip Planner – opens in new window) [Washingtonian | zabihah | City Paper | openlist | Yelp | Gayot]

The best kabob and Pakistani restaurant around. The meat here is superb. Plus the chicken and lamb karahi dishes are excellent, but don’t believe them when they say it is enough for two people, it isn’t. A hole in the wall, mom and pop sort of place, but high quality all around and very authentic.

Update May 31, 2006: They’re opening an additional place across the street at 250 N. Glebe Road, next to the CVS.

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  1. Ravi Kabob II (Kabab Masala, Jumeira Kabob & Grill)

    Ravi Kabob II (Kabab Masala, Jumeira Kabob & Grill), 297 S. Van Dorn Street, Alexandria, VA, 703-751-2500 (Metro Trip Planner – opens in new window) [Yelp] I love Ravi Kabob I, and this is just as good. Not easy to…

  2. Hobnobblog says:

    Ravi Kabob

    The lamb kabob at Ravi Kabob is excellent – incredible flavor and so tender you can cut it with a small plastic knife. The bread is also incredible. We’ll be back to try the karahi. Reviewers on zabihah say this…

  3. Lori Goode says:

    I love Ravi Kabob. The karahis, special samosa, and pink kashmiri chai serenaded my tastebuds for years. That said, my last visit left much to be desired. Someone omitted the delightful, brow mopping heat from my chicken karahi. Come on! Those karahi’s were the one reason I recommended the place to anyone with a heat or meat food fetish. Additionally, the salt lassi was more iced seawater than salted, yogurty goodness. (I am Jack’s flared nostril.) Bottom line: demand heat, and send anything back if it doesn’t meet their previous standards. Ravi must shape-up or perish.

  4. You know it’s good when they restaurant is standing-room-only, full of actual Pakistanis. I love Ravi, but the Chicken or Lamb Karahi is the way to go (rather than kabob.) It’s buried on the menu, and it seems expensive, but 1 $15 chicken karachi (served with naan and salad and raita) is enough for my husband and I, so it’s actually a pretty cheap dinner. Also, they’re open crazy late…

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  6. Debbie B. says:

    I absolutely love Ravi Kabob. The chickpeas are incredible and although I’m a vegetarian and have never tried their meat, there vegetarians options are delicious. I love that it is a whole in the wall – it adds to the experience!

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