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Restaurant Eve, web site, 110 S. Pitt Street, Alexandria, VA, 703-706-0450 (Metro Trip Planner – opens in new window) [WaPo 1 WaPo 2 | Washingtonian | TripAdvisor | Ylp | Don Rockwell | Gayot]

Closed June 2018

Previous Review

That’s right, Restaurant Eve. They now have a Filipino fixed price menu, for $65, cooked by an Irish chef, albeit one with a Filipino wife. I was skeptical, but in fact it was the best Filipino food I have eaten, ever, including during my stay in the Philippines. It also was the most vital DC-area dining experience I’ve had all year. Every course was first-rate, and I don’t know where to find anything comparable. I am told that 40% of Restaurant Eve customers now order the Filipino tasting menu. The rest of the menu is not … Filipino food. Fancy stuff, probably pretty good, but not my thing either. This is otherwise the kind of place where people go to celebrate anniversaries, so be ready for that sort of atmosphere. Still, I have to classify this as an absolute must.

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  1. Brandon Henke says:

    It’s nice to see a fine-dining restaurant step out of their comfort zone and have such phenomenal success. I’m glad you tried it!

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