Rumi’s Bistro

Rumi’s Bistro, web site, 523 Maple Avenue, Vienna, VA, 703- 242-2138, where Nizam’s used to be. (Metro Trip Planner – opens in new window) [Yelp]

Excellent Afghan, this place earns a regular spot in my repertoire. The Afghan take on fesenjan (walnut and pomegranate sauce) is tasty and hard to get elsewhere. Good Aushak. Truly delicious Dulme (pepper stuffed with ground beef, rice around it, and on top yogurt sauce). All the dishes here seem to be at least good, note however it is slightly more expensive than many other Afghan places around the area, a main dish can run $18 for instance. There is also a kabob place downstairs (Kabob Tavern, Zabihah), cheaper and more mom and pop in feel, run by the same owners.

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