Sangam – at GMU

Sangam, Johnson Center Food Court (GMU map | Google map), GMU, Fairfax, VA
That’s the new Indian food place in the Food Court, at the Johnson Center at George Mason University. It’s excellent, at least so far, thereby making it the first good food at GMU, ever. I’d put it in the top quarter of local Indian restaurants, though I expect time and the crowds to take its toll. The vegetarian sampler is the best dish and they serve Halal food as well. The samosas look overfried. The analytical question is why this took so long to happen, or alternatively why it has happened at all. I have read there is also a wave of innovation in hospital food as well.
[Run by the folks who own Sangam Restaurant, web site, 1211 N Glebe Road, Arlington, VA (in the Comfort Inn), 703-524-2728 [Yelp]]

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2 Responses to Sangam – at GMU

  1. Shane Beers says:

    It really is kind of amazing. I work here at GMU and was very surprised and pleased when it opened. The naan is obviously cooked elsewhere, and isn’t worth getting. The 25 cent chutney is phenomenal and well worth it for some added punch.

  2. Ravenous says:

    Sangam is definitely the place to go in the food court. Actually, that may be damning it with faint praise: it’s a pretty good Indian restaurant in general (albeit with a limited selection, as befits a food court).
    It’s also quick, time-wise. You can be in and out in less than a minute (literally), and things can be even quicker if you simply grab one of the selections from their refrigerated section.

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