Savio’s, web site, 516 E & F Van Dorn Street, Alexandria, VA, 703-212-9651, slightly funny hours, I think. (Metro Trip Planner – opens in new window) [City Paper | openlist | Yelp]

Savio’s is in one of Northern Virginia’s premier strip malls for food: Van Dorn Station. Has excellent Thai, Japanese, Peruvian, Italian, and some good ethnic groceries. Just south of Edsall, and a bit north of the Beltway ramps on van Dorn. Despite the competition, Savio’s will sometimes win out when I am in this mall. I like the pastas here, especially the Rigatoni Carbonara, or the ones with spicy sausage. The cook is from Tunisia, and does everything just a bit differently.

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  1. Akasaka

    Akasaka, 514-C Van Dorn Street, Alexandria, VA, 703-751-3133, hard to see from the street, in the same mall as Savio’s, the Italian place. (Metro Trip Planner – opens in new window) [Washingtonian | City Paper | openlist | Yelp] Very…

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