Seoul food bleg

Maybe Alex’s request wasn’t quite specific enough. Where should I (we) eat in Seoul, and what should we order? What are the general principles for finding good food in Korea, Busan included? Your assistance is much appreciated.

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  1. Jake says:

    I just got back from spending 3 years teaching and eating, but mostly eating, in Korea, so I hope I can give a somewhat informed opinion on this.

    If you have a spare weekend, I’d highly recommend going down to Gwangju. Best food in Korea, everyone there agrees. If you go down there, I can make great recs for places to eat.

    There’s a killer sujebi restaraunt in Samcheong-dong in North-eastern Seoul – like best in Seoul hands down good. for the link/directions. They have a limited menu – sujebi (dough torn and thrown into a bubbling bowl of broth), but the soup is phenomenal.

    There’s a dumpling/noodle place in Myeongdong that always has a line out the door and down the block. The name escapes me at the moment, but its across from the Forever 21.

    Duck (ori) is a treat, particularly since it’s so much cheaper than in the States. You can get it grilled, and if you go to a good place, they’ll throw in stew (ori-tang) for free.

    I read somewhere that as a general rule, Koreans are a bit superstitious about changing the decor of a successful restaurant. Which means that all the good ones look like they’re stuck in the 1960s or look a bit shabby. I generally found this to be true (though that’s not to say that new-looking ones are no good).

    It can be tough finding a place to serve only one person, but there are a ton of little fast-foodey type joints that will serve one person, especially a foreigner. Kimbap Nara, Kimbap Cheonguk, Kimga-nae, are the big chains, plus there are a bunch of family-run places that serve most of the main soup and rice dishes. I went to one near Yeongsan station that was pretty good…

    My favorites include: Kimchi jjigae, soon dubu jjigae, haejang guk, jjeol myeon, guk su, yuk-gae jang, galbi tang, jae yuk bokkeum. Most of the little fast-food places will have all of these, and more. They’re definitely worth checking out, especially since they’re way cheap (<$6 for most meals, $3 for a bottle of beer/soju). Look here for a decoded menu if you can't read Korean

    If you're going with a friend, my favorite big dishes are: Shabu-Shabu, Gamja-tang, Dalk bokkeum-tang (also known as Dalk-dori tang), dalk-galbi, bbudae jjigae and bo-ssam.

    The BBQ is always good, but to be honest, I preferred a lot of the other dishes.

    Anyways, I'm sure its evident by now that I can talk for ages about Korean food. Sorry. Good luck and happy eating!

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