Super Chicken

Super Chicken, 422 S. Washington Street, Falls Church, VA, right next to Blanca’s, 703-538-5366 (Metro Trip Planner – opens in new window) [Falls Church Times | MenuPages | City Paper | Insider Pages | Yelp]

How good can any chicken be? Should any roast chicken place be on the “must-tries” list? Maybe not, but this is the best chicken place around and it didn’t make my guide at all last time, so I believe it could use the extra publicity. Northern Virginia Magazine did a blind taste test of about ten different roast chicken dishes from leading restaurants. Super Chicken was a clear winner, including in my eyes. I since went to the restaurant and found it was even better on-site. They also have the best rice and beans around and occasional Peruvian dishes such as fried fish and tripe stew. No, it doesn’t transcend its category but it does win its category. Worth a try.

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3 Responses to Super Chicken

  1. Richard says:

    I believe Super Chicken’s chicken is better than El Pollo Rico’s, Crisp and Juicy’s, and Super Pollo’s.

    My problem is with the rice — it appears to be cooked in plastic bags. This seems unsanitary and an unnecessary source of plastic leaching into the food!

    Can anyone give a confirmation on this?

    • BobG says:

      I was there today and saw them making rice in a big pot. When it was done, it appeared that they added plastic on top while the rice was in the pot, something to do with storage, I assume. The rice appeared to be cooked in the usual way.

      BTW, the lomo saltado is excellent!

  2. BobG says:

    On May 19, we tried Super Chicken on Tyler’s recommendation. the chicken was excellent, and the side dishes were both huge and good. The whole chicken was huge too, and we left with enough leftover for several lunches. Not cheap, not expensive, but a bargain nevertheless. Some of the best yucca at any chicken place — pleasantly crunchy yet not overcooked. We also tried the plaintains and got a giant portion for a buck and a half (I think). They were very good. Not the best, but very worth eating. The place is small, and it’s located in a rundown and tiny strip mall. Nothing off-putting, however. If you are taking your grandmother, stick to Edy’s on Route 7. Otherwise, this place is worth a try. Next time for us: Lomo Saltado

    There’s another restaurant (Bolivian) a stone’s throw away called Fanny’s. I’d love a review if anyone has eaten there.

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