The decline of German food in America

German food’s decline “reflects the cultural mix of this country toward more Latin American, Asian and African American culture, and less of the mainstay Germanic culture that influenced this country for many decades,” said Arnim von Friedeburg, an importer of German foods and the founder of “The cultural shift is going on, and German culture has to fight or compete to keep its relevance.”

Here is more from Maura Judkis at WaPo.

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One Response to The decline of German food in America

  1. Evan Sirota says:

    Hi, Dr. Cowen.
    Wanted to alert you to an ethnic place in Merrifield Mosaic across the corridor from the Panera there. It’s called “Boba and Bites” and they serve Shanghai style Jianbing (street food style crepes) and some other chinese style “sandwiches”, both Rou Jia Mou similar to Northwest Chinese’ up in College Park, MD, and a Taiwanese version also (Cai Gau Mo or something like that?). They also have Japanese style Onigiri (rice triangles wrapped with Nori) as well.

    I’ve tried the 7-spice duck and the tofu Jianbing. VERY tasty. I think I’ll be a regular customer. The tuna onigiri was also good, but not precisely the composition/ratio of ingredients you’d find in your typical convenience store in Japan or South Korea. I used to live in Japan and have visited S. Korea…while not 100% authentic, the onigiri are close enough and I’m happy the concept of this kind of snack is getting introduced here in the States.

    Apparently they’ve been open since October 2017. I just found out about them this week. I invite you to give them a try. Would be interested in seeing your opinion.

    I’m not expecting this to get published on your website as a comment. Merely wanted to inform you about the place’s existence. Enjoy!

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