The new html edition of Tyler Cowen’s Ethnic Dining Guide

You’ll find it here, namely on my home page (you may need to scroll down). This version of the guide has more revisions than any other new edition, mostly because there has been a lot of quality turnover. More than half of the “Top 20” list has changed in the course of a year. Currently my two favorite places are Sichuan Pavilion and Abay Market (you now can and indeed have to order vegetables in advance), with Thai X-ing a perennial. Komi is the “finest” dining and Bourbon Steak is the place most likely to be better than you think.

I should note that if you’ve been following the blog version of my dining guide [here at], the html version is simply a print-it-all-out-at-once compendium, rather than a source of new information.

Originally posted on Marginal Revolution.

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