Tyler Cowen’s West Bank ethnic dining guide

I can recommend two places:

1. Siri (that is how they pronounced it, I don’t know the transliteration), a small restaurant on one of the main streets in the center of Ramallah.

They serve hummus, foul, and foul ringed with hummus, get the latter. The accompanying vegetables were more strongly marinated than they typically would be in Israel, a plus in my view.

2. Laymoon [The Lemon restaurant], Ariha (Jericho)

The chicken musakhan, with piles of red onions and slivered nuts over bread, seasoned with generous doses of sumac and allspice, is very tasty. The restaurant is also a nice place to sit outside and enjoy the weather, or to catch an Arabic-language film on their large outdoor screen.

I walked by many other places and in general they looked good. The various fruits I purchased on the street were all winners, the small oranges and the dates most of all. There is much less variety, but dish by dish my impression from a small sample was that the food in West Bank cities is slightly better than that of Tel Aviv.

Ariha was attracting a lot of Nigerian church tourism.

Overall I noticed how much economic growth and globalized advertising were to be seen in Ramallah. My biggest surprise was how much being in Ramallah felt like…being in Israel. Except the citizenry seemed less religious.

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