Victor’s Grill II

Victor’s Grill II, 7634 Lee Highway, Rt. 29, Falls Church, VA, 703-573-4161, where Black-Eyed Pea used to be, near Mehak (another location at 436 South Washington Street, Falls Church, VA, 703-532-8878) (Metro Trip Planner – opens in new window) [Falls Church News-Press | City Paper | Yelp]
Bolivian as well, but the closest you will find to real parillada. You get an enormous plate, it is quite good but not for all tastes, be prepared for huge slabs and meat and innards. Recommended. It would almost make my favorites list, except I can’t eat this stuff more than once a year.

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2 Responses to Victor’s Grill II

  1. eduardo says:

    They now apparently have a website up and running.

  2. Sean Brooks says:

    At some point before 2012-07-17, Victor II’s became Fanny’s, reviewed elsewhere here.

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