Abay Market

Abay Market, 3811-A S. George Mason Drive, Falls Church, VA, 703-998-5322 (Metro Trip Planner – opens in new window)

Now this is an interesting place. They have only three dishes: raw beef, and I do mean slabs (tere sega), not chopped kitfo, lamb soup, and slightly cooked kitfo (mostly raw). That’s it. All come with bread, sauce, and spices. The lamb is pretty fatty, the soup is tasty.
No doubt this is the best raw beef emporium for miles and miles around. It will disappoint those who seek side orders, vegetables, or indeed anything else. A+ for atmosphere. Ask for their assistance in eating the food.

Recommended, but you’d better know what you are looking for.

Update March 25, 2009: Currently the best Ethiopian place in my area. The menu has moved from having three items — raw beef only, plus fatty lamb soup — to some vegetables and cooked items as well.

Also see “Cuisine of Ethiopia” on Wikipedia


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2 Responses to Abay Market

  1. EMPhan says:

    Went there last week. Their lamb tibs were amazing and puts them in the Ethiopian top spot, besting even Zenebach Injera.

  2. Roy S. says:

    ‘Some vegetables’ is apparently a tomato, onion and hot-pepper salad, which was good. Owner is very nice and the food was great!

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