Sambo Restaurant

Sambo Restaurant, 6669 Little River Turnpike, Annandale, VA, 703-750-6846 (old review) (Metro Trip Planner – opens in new window) Here’s the old review.
The place just reopened with new management, it is now “Chinese-Korean” food, a genre that in general does not thrill me. Too many fried things, too much sweet sauce, and that occasional inappropriate use of ketchup. Still many of you will wish to try this place, if only to see how Chinese food is consumed in Korea.
They don’t offer sushi any more, it is a totally different place.

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2 Responses to Sambo Restaurant

  1. PersianBoyDC says:

    I totally agree. I have gone a few times because I live down the street, but have decide on never returning… a very shady place. I think this place is run by kids (early 20s) which have no clue what they are doing.

  2. Joe B says:

    Re-opened (again!) as a Korean BBQ and sushi place. I got the beef short ribs and an order of eel rolls a few weeks ago and everything tasted pretty good.

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