Angeethi Indian Cuisine

Angeethi Indian Cuisine, web site, 645 Elden Street, Herndon, VA, 703-796-1527 (Metro Trip Planner – opens in new window) [Washingtonian | openlist | Yelp | Herndon Cuisine | Gayot]

Excellent all around, this is currently one of the two or three best Indian places in the area. (Bombay Indian in Silver Spring is probably the current leader). The chat station, offered at lunch, is first-rate. Everything else is quite consistent and just generally tasty. I even enjoyed the Butter Chicken. Good breads. Good vindaloo and spinach and black lentils. What kind of Indian food is it? Most of all I would say it is like the Balti food you get in the UK and indeed they have a whole section of the menu devoted to Balti dishes. Definitely recommended.

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5 Responses to Angeethi Indian Cuisine

  1. Narender says:

    I went to Angeethi Indian Cuisine for dinner with my family. We didn’t like the food so I wrote to the owner of Angeethi via email. Here is his response:
    “We have 99% Americans eat here and never had a complaint about it, although we have many or mostly British (they know better than us about Indian food) no complaints but complements, once a while if we get any Indian to come to our restaurant!! They are never happy! There is always something wrong.”
    I am highly disappointed with this kind of response. Instead of looking into what could have gone wrong, he is blaming me for being INDIAN.

  2. Sonu says:

    Narender, after reading Tyler’s description of it as a balti place I was wary anyway. Balti is not to be found anywhere in India, maybe in a a small part of Pakistan from where it supposedly originates, and it uses Chines cooking methods. The Brits, and also Americans seem to like it and that’s fine. But it’s not fair to anyone to pass it off as Indian cuisine.

  3. Amber says:

    Definitely worth the drive to Herndon. We had the bhel puri (a little heavy on the sauce), the shrimp vindaloo (“American” spicy, very flavorful and nicely warm, with tender potatoes), the palak channa (“Indian” spicy, very hot and delicious), and the goat balti, which was the best goat I have ever had. Staff was quite solicitous and concerned that it was we had overestimated our heat tolerance, but everything was great. Totally hooked and will return!

  4. Tori in DC says:

    Good British Indian foot — I liked it because it reminded me of home. I must say the place was full of Indian people — including some very large parties so I question some of the comments above. I would go back.

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