Bang Ga Nae

Bang Ga Nae, 6499 Little River Turnpike, Alexandria, VA, 703-941-2722 (Metro Trip Planner – opens in new window)

Located in the little house where the North Korean place (Pyongyang Soondae) used to be. Now they specialize in goat dishes, done three ways, spicy or not. Soft, tender, and juicy meat, try it even if you don’t like goat. Goes with excellent greens, and good cold vegetables with the meal, especially the tofu. At the end they pour some rice into the simmering sauce, pour in some black sesame seeds, and pour in some extra spices to make a Korean fried rice dish which is one of the area’s best, very theatrical too. The goat is first-rate and overall this place is highly original. The menu is short but they also serve Cornish hen stuffed with rice, a cod dish, pressure-cooked pork feet, and seafood pancake. The service is also good and mostly they speak decent English. Right now this is probably the best “specialty” restaurant in the Korean section of Annandale.

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2 Responses to Bang Ga Nae

  1. Max B. says:

    What happened to Pyongyang Soondae?

  2. Gary says:

    Thanks for this review. I was a bit scared to try goat meat but it was sooo juicy and moist.

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