Blend 111

Blend 111, web site, 111 Church St., Suite 101, Vienna, VA, 571-363-3613 (Metro Trip Planner – opens in new window) [Google | Washingtonian | TripAdvisor | WaPo | Ylp]

Excellent, nice, and with quite a new premise. The menu is a blend of Colombian, Andean, a bit of Spanish, and a few broadly North American dishes, such as hamburger. Anything connected to an arepa here is quite good. Corn products are good. Lots of avocado, a smoked sweet potato soup, that sort of thing. A genuinely nice place to sit, very good service, and a first-rate outdoors set up as well. Not a cheap place or a mom and pop, but for what you get I would say the pricing is reasonable but not bargain. If you are looking for a change of place and a new restaurant to discover, this fits the bill.

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