Bob’s Shanghai 66

Bob’s Shanghai 66, Facebook, 305 North Washington Street, Rockville, MD, 301-251-6652 or 301-315-6668, where the old Bob’s Noodle used to be, the Noodle place is now across the street. (Metro Trip Planner – opens in new window) [Google | Don Rockwell | Yelp | TripAdvisor]

Consistently excellent Chinese food. For all of the Shanghai packaging, you can think of this as mostly Taiwanese food with Shanghai and Sichuan around the edges (a good mix!). The Xiao Long Bao are quite good and you can get them with either pork or “crab yolk,” both are worth trying. The Peas with Mustard Greens are a must and in general this place has the best and freshest greens of any Chinese in the area. Get the Taiwanese cucumbers too. First-rate noodles. I also liked the flounder fillet in chili sauce and thought the Taiwanese sausage was quite subtle. Definitely recommended.

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