Cafe Metro: Asian Fusion and Wine Bar

Cafe Metro: Asian Fusion and Wine Bar, 6795 Wilson Blvd., Eden Center, Falls Church, VA, 703-942-8969, in the mall it is very close to Wilson Boulevard, west end of the Eden Center mall, by the smaller entrance from the main road near Viet Bistro, the sign for the restaurant is hard to spot. (Metro Trip Planner – opens in new window) [City Paper]

I had one meal here and I was blown away. The lemon grass tofu and the tamarind soft shell crab (be sure to dip it in the pepper sauce) were among the best dishes I’ve had in Eden Center, ever. The noodles and dumplings were above average, though I would not say spectacular. It is mostly Vietnamese with some Thai influence and a few Korean dishes on the menu. It tries to be a “nice” restaurant in a weird way and the music is too loud. Right now nobody else is going. Their menu is going to expand soon and I predict further evolution for this place.

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2 Responses to Cafe Metro: Asian Fusion and Wine Bar

  1. Derek Hughey says:

    This is an interesting place. We were there at about 9 pm on a Saturday night and the place was rocking – filled with VERY drunk Vietnamese 20 somethings (evidently, it was someone’s birthday). The heavy metal music they were playing was absurdly loud.
    The food and service were very good. We had the spring rolls, lemongrass chicken and vermicelli with pork. The lemongrass chicken and vermicelli with pork were excellent. The spring rolls were below average – maybe made very early that day so not as fresh.
    While a visit (especially on a weekend night) allows you to experience a different culture (the drunk Vietnamese youth), I’d opt for one of the many other good Vietnamese restaurants in the area.

  2. Hillel W says:

    Went today (8 Feb) for an early dinner – ginger fish filet and trembling beef (with onions and some other veggies). Really delicious. Many 20-somethings but quiet and not (yet) drunk.

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