Desi’s Chicken and Steak

Desi’s Chicken and Steak, web site, 10801 Fairfax Blvd., Fairfax, VA, 703-865-8150 (Metro Trip Planner – opens in new window)
Right now this is the best Peruvian place around. It looks terrible, as if it’s trying to cater to the worst sort of American diner. But the chef can’t help himself. The Lomo Saltado is first-rate, the soups excellent. The chicken is pretty good, though not #1. The rice and seafood dishes are quite good. Go, and go now. Many other restaurants in this space have gone under, it has not been a stable space since the old days of Pars.

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4 Responses to Desi’s Chicken and Steak

  1. Andy says:

    Agreed. Fantastic. The Lomo Saltado is really good and oddly reminiscent of chinese food. The chupe camarones is also delicioso.

  2. Wei says:

    They changed their name to Cuzco, nothing has changed except the name according to the staff.

  3. Adhriana Sarril says:

    That’s correct, the new name for this restaurant is CUZCO and let me tell you, that the food is really good and the waitress are awesome…
    don forget to drink pisco sour, it’s the best pisco i’ve ever drink…and the Choritos a la Chalaca its really yummy, btw try the flan or the picarones or the chocolate cake those really peruvian dessert and are terrific, my daughter loved it and so did the rest of my family.

  4. Adrienne says:

    Drove by this place last week. Closed. As you wrote, nothing here has been stable since Pars.

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