El Majahual Chim-Pun Callao Restaurant

El Majahual Chim-Pun Callao Restaurant, 3815-B S. George Mason Drive, Falls Church, VA, 703-845-9501. Off Rt. 7, just east of Skyline Mall, or take the confusing Seminary Road from Alexandria. Open any time you would care to go. (Metro Trip Planner – opens in new window) [Yelp]
This restaurant’s name has something to do with soccer, it seems. Many Peruvian wonders here. Papa Huancaina makes for a nice appetizer – potatoes covered with a spicy cheese sauce. The Ceviche is very good. Among the mains, Seco is lamb stew with beans. Lomo Saltado is the dish I use to gauge any Peruvian restaurant – salty beef, olive oil, tomatoes, and french fries all mixed together. Don’t worry, the French Fries are supposed to be soggy. It’s best here. The Italian-sounding dishes are less interesting. Same with some of the steaks (see the remarks under “Cecilia’s” Bolivian on this point). Go for the dishes that mix ingredients.
The restaurant also serves good El Salvadorean food; I like the Taquito appetizer. Plus the usual E.S. assortments. The mini-mall also deserves a full walk, both front and back sides. This is what Northern Virginia is all about, and what makes living here tolerable. You’ll find ethnic groceries for Filipino, Ethiopian, Indian, Afghan, and Vietnamese foods.

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  1. Gabriel says:

    Chim-pun Callao is a phrase which is supposed to resemble a cannon being fired. Since Callao is the Limean port, that’s where the cannons where.

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