Jasmine Garden

Jasmine Garden, 8106 Arlington Blvd., Falls Church, VA, 703-208-9989, actually on Gallows Rd. next to the 24-hour Safeway at Rt. 50. [Washingtonian | City Paper]
I know what you’re thinking: “I’ve discovered so many wonderful new Chinese places in the last few years I don’t need another one.” Well, you are wrong. This place looks too yuppy and draws a business crowd for lunch. But many of the dishes on their Chinese menu — which you must ask for separately — are petty good. Get the chicken with three peppers, and then experiment on the Chinese menu. Their non-special dishes are often above average, too. The menu has some Thai and Japanese items as well. Plus they have a piano, with occasional performances of, get this, operatic arias.


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1 Response to Jasmine Garden

  1. Pete says:

    Some chinese friends (Beijingers) invited us there for lunch this past Sunday. They ordered off the “Chinese food for Chinese people” menu.
    The standouts were:
    -A ribs dish
    -A pork belly dish
    -A fish in black bean sauce dish
    -Baby Ba Choy (Bok Choy)
    INCREDIBLY good.
    I will attempt to get back myself and snag a carry-out menu…or the menu for the Chinese folk…and try to elaborate on the items we had.
    But I will DEFINITELY be back. The food was GOOD.

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