Kebericho Deli Market

Kebericho Deli Market, 3811-c South George Mason Drive, Falls Church, VA, 703-578-6464 (Metro Trip Planner – opens in new window)

It’s hard to keep track of all the burgeoning Ethiopian places in this mini-mall, but since they are all excellent maybe you don’t need to. This place, which is next to the fabled Abay Market, serves six or so meat-based dishes, no real vegetables. Don’t expect Shiro here. The meats are above average and the atmosphere is excellent.

The time I went it had the single most beautiful waitress of any restaurant on this list, so you tell me whether or not it is worth going. I say yes.

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  1. Alexis Brown says:

    Excellent Food; Excellent & Professional Service;excellent restaurant ambience… I recommend it to all the people of this planet who love spicy or mildly spicy foods. You must see it to belive it!!! Bravo Kebericho!!!

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