Chinese-Korean Restaurant (Han Kook Kyola? Jang Won Ban Jum?)

Chinese-Korean Restaurant (Han Kook Kyola? Jang Won Ban Jum?), 4210 John Marr Dr., Annandale, VA, 703-354-1950 (Metro Trip Planner – opens in new window) [metromix | All Taste Same | Chowhound | Yelp]
Chinese food, Korean style, plus Korean food, Korean style. In other words, a Korean restaurant with fried sweet and sour and weird noodle dishes. The standard dish here is the dark noodles in the gloopy sauce, you know the serving which looks disgusting and, to some people, is disgusting. This place is very popular with Koreans, recommended, but note that it is not worth going here for the standard Korean options, which are better elsewhere.

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3 Responses to Chinese-Korean Restaurant (Han Kook Kyola? Jang Won Ban Jum?)

  1. Matt T. says:

    I really like their jajangmyeon here (the noodles in black goop, as it were) and their tangsuyuk is quite yummy too.
    However, some of their other entrees are great, but a bit big for one. There is a beef with leek/chives dish that I really like and get whenever I can (boo chu japchae…I think).

  2. Lori G. says:

    I went with a large group of friends a couple months ago, led by an intrepid Korean friend who’s nuts for the gloop + noodles. Frankly, I found the gloop akin to asphalt.
    I think the dish is more a casualty of the amount of sauce rather than the sauce itself. But it’s not like the staff give you a choice in the matter.

  3. K. Park says:

    As a Korean-American, this place the best Korean-Chinese restaurant in Metro area.
    It is a hand-made noodle for Jjajang-myeon and Jjambong.

    Jjajang-myeon is a noodle with black bean paste, and Jjambong is a spicy & hot seafood noodle soup.
    Tangsoo-yook, fried beef with sweet and sour source, is good too.

    If you are hungry and want to taste two dishes, order the combination menu.
    – Jjam-jja-myeon (Jjambong + Jjajangmyeon)
    – Tang-jja-myeon (Jjajangmyeon + Tangsoo-yook)
    – U-jja-myeon (Udon + Jjajangmyeon)

    My kids favorite is jajangmyeon & Tangsoo-yook, and my favorite is Jjambong.
    Try a Jjambong if you like a spicey and hot food.

    There is a branch in Centeville near Hanaro-Mart but no hand-made noodle I guess.
    Wang-Mandu, steamed big dumpling $2 each, is great in Centreville Jangwon.

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