La Caraquena

La Caraqueña, web site, 300 W. Broad Street, Falls Church, VA, 703-533-0076, where Café Rose used to be in Falls Church City (Metro Trip Planner – opens in new window) [Yelp]
They serve Venezuelan, Bolivian, and Chilean dishes; the proprietors are Bolivians who lived for quite a while in Venezuela. Definitely above average. I loved the peanut soup (Sopa de Mani). Chilean sandwiches are hard to mimic in this country, so I didn’t order one, but I saw two go past and they looked delicious. Even their Bolivian dishes are not exactly the standard. An original place, worth having in the repertoire and a nice homey atmosphere.

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  1. I’d been meaning to go here for awhile since reading your comments.I finally tired it and will definitely return. Our very cheery waiter helped our party of four order an assortment of complimentary dishes to share. Main meaty dishes were pleasant but nothing special but the appetizers– arepas, fried yucca, saltenas and their green hot sauce were outstanding. Pricier than others I’ve had in Virginia and NYC but top notch.

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