La Fortaleza, La Delicias, two food trucks

La Fortaleza, La Delicias, two food trucks, they park on Sundays just west of Present Restaurant, Rt. 50, Falls Church, VA (approximately 6680 Arlington Blvd., Falls Church, VA), Sunday, roughly 11-7.

This is the best and most authentic Bolivian food around. Get the sopa de mani (peanut soup), enrollado (make sure you taste the green leaf with it), chicarron (superb and super soft and juicy), and solterito, which mixes beef, white cheese, onion, tomato, Bolivian corn, and potato. They also have chairo, falso conejo, tilapia Bolivian style (sometimes), and many other authentic dishes. They don’t have real seating but it doesn’t matter, this is the place to go. A+ for atmosphere too, knowledge of Spanish helps.

Korean Food Truck
Creative Commons License photo credit: Mr. T in DC


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2 Responses to La Fortaleza, La Delicias, two food trucks

  1. RTW says:

    Yesterday (Sunday, October 9), I counted about FIVE food trucks spread out at various places on Rte. 50 (both sides) between Seven Corners and Graham Road. I didn’t see La Fortaleza this time.

    The truck that I stopped at had pretty much the same menu and prices as the two original trucks. (The name of the truck was something like San Simon or San Carlos, I don’t remember exactly.)

    As usual, one $10 order of chicharron was enough for two or more meals.

  2. Lori K says:

    The husband and I have made these trucks (now numbering in the 6-7 range) a semi-regular stop on Sundays. We’ve tried a few of the newer trucks, but La Fortaleza is a clear winner in the ranga (tripe soup), chicharron and saltena departments. The peanut based hot sauce they serve with the saltenas is fantastic. I’d buy it by the jar. Also, who can complain when a truck hands out pieces of chicharron to waiting customers.

    Another discovery was caldo de kawi, a brisket and cow foot soup which is served with what is either grits or something akin to thick congee over boiled potatoes and brisket sliced on top. Yummmm. Can’t remember the truck’s name, but it parks next to La Caserita on the North side of 50. It also had a collection of curious bakery items and what looked to be homemade ice cream at the adjoining picnic table.

    Another we need to visit is San Simon. A big line developed over the 1 PM hour last Sunday. They must be doing something right.

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