Comali foods: tamales and pupusas from El Salvador

They sent me, gratis, non-frozen tamales from El Salvador. They sell pupusas too, and with improved technologies:

The retort process uses a combination of heat and pressure to “sterilize” the foods, which are sealed in special pouches similar to military MRE’s (but ours taste a lot better 🙂 ).

They were excellent (I knew immediately when I smelled them) and no artificial preservatives are required. They will deliver to your door and their web site is here. I am told there is a 30 percent off discount with use of the code TCowen30; I receive no kickback.

Don’t forget the white sour cream.

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Comali Foods Inc., web site, 27375 Via Industria, Temecula, CA, 951-296-6775

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