Malibu Grill

Malibu Grill, web site, 5715 Columbia Pike, Falls Church, VA, near Rt.7/Baileys Crossroads, 703-379-0587 (a second location at 4516 Fair Knoll Drive, Fairfax, VA, 703-222-5555) (Metro Trip Planner – opens in new window) [City Paper | food-plan | Yelp | Gayot]
An attempt to recreate a Brazilian churrasqueria in Washington. You pay one price, and they bring various grilled meats to your table until you plead for mercy. They have feijoada as well, as part of the buffet. Ultimately the meats bore me, once the novelty of the idea wears off. The originals in Brazil are among the world’s best restaurants, and the grilled meats here simply can’t compare. Nonetheless this deserves a place in the repertoire, and those that have never gone should go. Now I go and just eat the feijoada, making sure to pile on the oranges and collard greens and farinha from the salad buffet, that is the key to eating well here. Lunch is a real bargain, the whole treatment for about seven dollars.

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  1. The churrascaria trend

    Slim and a couple of lawyer friends and I went off to Fogo de Chao (downtown DC) a couple of months ago. Meats placed on sword-like skewers, grilled with Brazilian spices. Definitely a quantity-over-quality kind of place, but the quality was r…

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