Meaza, 5700 Columbia Pike, Falls Church, VA, 703-820-2870, I’m not sure about the number on Rt. 7, it is what their card says but some people tell me it is wrong. [This place was formerly at 5440 Columbia Pike: previous TCEDG entry]. In any case it is on Columbia Pike just east of Route 7 by Circuit City (which address is 5710 Columbia Pike). (Metro Trip Planner – opens in new window) [chowhound | Yelp]

Excellent, excellent Ethiopian, maybe as good as the DC dumps. But it’s a nice restaurant too. The fish tibs you can’t get in other places. First-rate kitfo. Wide variety. A clear #1 Ethiopian for Virginia and yes it is pressing on the DC places too. Attached to a coffee shop, plus they have Ethiopian music on some nights. Definitely recommended, although perhaps I would prefer if the dining room had more light.

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3 Responses to Meaza

  1. Kaushik says:

    Great place, good recommendation. Had the doro wat, and one of the vegetarian ones as well. Thought the atmosphere was good as well, and the prices were excellent.

  2. Derek Hughey says:

    We really enjoyed this place. We had two appetizers – the lamb short ribs and the fried samosas. The lamb was delightful – crispy and bursting with flavor. The samosas were good, but could have had a slightly lighter wrapping.
    For our main dishes, we had the vegetable set which consisted of lentils, yellow peas, cabbage and a few others. All were outstanding. We also got the kitfo, but wussed out and got the cooked, not raw, version (my last attempt at raw beef – steak tartare in Paris – left me with stomach issues that still haunt me). Since we ate the dish in a way that was not intended by the chef, it’s hard to blame the restaurant. That said, I thought the kitfo was somewhat bland.
    The injera bread was as good as I’ve had.
    Service was outstanding – I think 3 people (not counting our waiter) came to our table to ask us how our meal was.
    Definitely worth a repeat visit.

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