Nak Won Restaurant

Nak Won Restaurant, 7317 Little River Turnpike, Annandale, VA, 703-354-9255, next door to Nak Won Catering and across the street from Le Matin de Paris. (Metro Trip Planner – opens in new window) [Google | Yelp]

Very hearty, perfect for a cold day, a small place with Korean clientele.  This restaurant is maybe the best place for Korean soups right now.  Get the potato soup with meat, they will call it spicy but it isn’t hard to eat. They also serve a grilled mackerel special and several forms of bibimbap.  Recommended, hits the spot.

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2 Responses to Nak Won Restaurant

  1. Soup says:

    Real solid place. The resturant is right next to the catering business. The resturant is pretty good (above average for annandale) but I also have not eaten at the resturant since Sept. However, I did cater from Nak Won over xmas. Some of the dishes were fantastic other ok. Among the korean, this place is mainly known for Tuk (rice cakes). I had Tuk (have to admit I don’t like Tuk) and it was great. I actually found myself craving some this past week. Got to make another trip out there.

    • ryan says:

      This business family-run by very nice people. At the market (“Nak Won Catering”) they have as mentioned excellent rice cakes of different types, made fresh daily. And the savory items (pan chan) are great as well. I especially like the tofu w/spicy bean paste.

      Sometimes when you go in, they are busy cooking (the kitchen is right in the rear of the market), so you may to wait a bit to be rung up, but it is worth it!

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