Oriental East

Oriental East, web site, 1312 East-West Highway, Silver Spring, MD, 301-608-0030 [Google | Yelp | City Paper | Don Rockwell | Gayot]

The best orange beef around. Overall a very good, above average Chinese restaurant. There are so many good Chinese places around now, you might be tempted not to try this one, but it is worth a visit.

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3 Responses to Oriental East

  1. vinea says:

    I found the normal food here only so-so, however it is one of the places for Dim Sum in Maryland. There’s a long line (99% chinese) waiting for restaurant to open on weekends. I haven’t been there on weekdays for Dim Sum.
    As good as the old classic dim sum places in Wheaton that are a pale shadow of themselves or simply gone.

  2. Mary Moreno says:

    The dim sum here is amazing! I’ve visited this place several times, and have been even more impressed with each visit. It’s definitely one of the best places to eat in DC, and oh, so cheap!

  3. AG says:

    I just had dinner here and was disappointed. The food was better than that of the bottom tier of chinese restaurants, but certainly does not compare to Bob’s Noodle 66 or even, say, Eat First in Chinatown.
    The best thing I can say is that the vegetables were not ruined by overcooking, and the tofu wasn’t bad, but the food was overall very bland.

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